Russ Whitney opts for-Choosing Best Builder For Your Dream Home

As you have decided to build a brand new home since you have the land and you need a house. Some of Russ Whitney’s tips here help you begin with the process of choosing a builder by asking few questions and finding answers to them.These 7 tips suggested by Russ Whitney will let you help in choosing the best builder for building your home.


1.Experience:  Russ Whitney says as experience is very important for any new business. We need to understand that every builder is new at some point.

2.References:  If builder doesn’t give you any references, ask for them. Contact past clients and ask them why they chose this builder, what the process was like, and whether they were satisfied with the final product.

3.Quality:  When you speak with the builder and the past clients ask about the quality of the home. The builder shouldn’t only tell you they do quality work, but what makes it good quality. Make sure to look for evidence of quality craftsmanship and details.

4.Resale Value: Investigate to find out if past products had maintained their resale value or if it went up. This is attainable information and should be considered.

5.Contact:  Find out who will be overseeing the construction of your home, who will be keeping you updated, and who you can call when you have questions. Knowing who will be involved and how you as the client will be cared for is very important.

6.Customer Service: This is a long process, so you will be working with them for a long period of time.  If you don’t like the service or don’t feel they treat you well it could be a frustrating process.

7.Realtor:  Real estate agents and other people in the industry work with builders often and hear great things. Take advantage of their knowledge. You could even invite them along with you when you interview builders,you can ask the right questions and they can give their best opinion.

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Russ Whitney being a businessman he led his life with many business achievements that included founding and building one of the largest and fastest growing publicly traded financial education companies all over the world.
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