Russ Whitney’s strategies to form a team

Russ Whitney's strategies to form a team

In order to picture a team that works coherently? Each one of us can bring unique talents and skills to the table. The leader should make each member feel valued and appreciated. The most important rule Russ Whitney approaches to build an effective team is to establish your leadership with each member. Thus the most effective way to do that; well, trust and loyalty, rather than using the power of your position. Russ Whitney put forth certain things to bring out the best in everyone. However it is easier if you have a plan in place.

1. Consider every person’s idea and suggestion as valuable. An idea is about how you execute it.

2. Russ Whitney claims you can be an excellent leader if you try to be open with employees and be sensitive to their feelings.

3. Solve problems, set target, and prepare for action. Establishing harmony ensures excellent productivity, as each member is responsible for its commitment.

4. They ensures success and efficiency. Set simple rules like being punctual for meetings, and so on that needs to be established by consensus.

5. Emphasize the value of each member and their contribution. Demonstrate how everybody’s work is important to move the whole team closer to its aim.

6. Let the team come up with creative solutions and encourage them to work on solutions together.

7. Be clear with your thoughts. Build trust inside teams and never be tentative while communicating and give clear directions.

8. The relationships team members establish among themselves are as important as you establish with them. Pay attention to the ways in which the members work with each other, communicate, trust, and respect.

9. Russ Whitney emphasis that this is the quality of a good leader. They stimulate debate. People in office are afraid to disagree with each other and this feelings can lead the team to make disastrous decisions. This is the main motive of encouraging debates.

10. Communication is not just one of the important factors, but it is the most important factor in successful teamwork. Meeting isn’t the only way; be open to suggestions, ask questions, and offer help.

11. Make sure you talk with members about the progress towards setting goal so that each one of them get a sense of their success and challenges that lie ahead. Discuss with members:

i. What can we do to achieve our goals?

ii. What do you think about the project?

iii. How a specific idea can help us become effective?

iv. How can we come up with creative solutions?

12. Be clear about what you want to accomplish. Establish clear time frames. Set standards for success and make members realize their responsibilities.

13. Roles might change once the team is assembled. You need a thinker for the team, who can take decisions. If your team needs to create a new product, you will need a detail-oriented person, who is organized and keep everyone on track. Similarly to think about possibilities, you will need an explorer. The person you choose for the role should have good handle on those specific areas.


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Russ Whitney being a businessman he led his life with many business achievements that included founding and building one of the largest and fastest growing publicly traded financial education companies all over the world.
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