Russ Whitney provides-Strategies Related to Market Forecasting


There are several different strategies says Russ Whitney when it comes to the topic of Market Forecasting.There are those that believe forecasting the markets with any kind of accuracy is a practice based on false hopes and unrealistic expectations.

Then Russ Whitney suggests there are those who believe that the markets can be accurately predicted in advance, and Market Forecasting with a high degree of accuracy, although not 100% of the time, is possible and can be achieved with the right methods and techniques.

Traders who are familiar with Technical Analysis are likely familiar with the concept of divergence. The divergences are not going to be used to forecast in advance what day or week the market is going to make bottom or top.It is the forecasting method that help the trader to anticipate whether the market is about to change trend.

Russ Whitney predicts whether you consider the forecasting of market price action to be the prediction of a future turnover as to when the market will make top or bottom, the whole point of forecasting is to minimize risk exposure while maximizing profit potential.

If the goal of the trader is to get into a new market move as early as possible with the least amount of risk exposure and the greatest amount of profit potential, then it is the trouble to learn all you can to make that happen.Market Forecasting is a practice that falls in this category.

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Russ Whitney deals with-Marketing that Generate Real Estate Sales

A consistent marketing for all listings says Russ Whitney is a sure way for a real estate agent to generate new listings, as well as promote and sell the property they’ve been hired to sell in such a way that they expand the cornerstone of your business.

Marketing every property the same regardless of the price is the cornerstone of all business. Thus presenting a property regardless of its list price is important for three reasons:

  1. Attract more buyers to the home.
  2. A seller may hire a Realtor based on the marketing and advertising presented.
  3. Other agents who will point the home out to their buyers.

A sketch is also an excellent way to market a property even before the exterior has been painted and the garden landscaped. Maintaining a property library as per Russ Whitney is another reason to hire a professional photographer because it is important for future marketing.

A home that is more expensive, provides more aspects to market are all aspects of a luxury property that give the photographer more to photograph and an agent more to market.Staging also helps and utilizing social media for targeted advertising.Russ Whitney suggest that a luxury listing is the difference between thought process from one agent to another from their perspective.

Many agents put a lot of work into obtaining a listing but then in their opinion, they don’t feel the investment is warranted, or they think they don’t need to because the property will sell without any monetary investment on their part.

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Russ Whitney Points Out Rental Owners Mistakes

Rental-Owners-MistakesThe main idea of purchasing a rental property is a significant investment and can be the start of a rewarding adventure for many of us.The first thing to remember is that there are thousands of options within one city, and making your property stand out is important.

Here are some of the tips for what can be done to maximize rental income, minimize expenses and make the experience a positive one.Russ Whitney put forth some of the suggestions while dealing with any owners:

Managers Rental Tips

Determine whether you want to employ a property manager, make sure you have a good one.If your manager isn’t cost effective, you can switch to another manager or rent the property yourself. Talk to other owners about their experiences, make sure they know what you expect from your property.

Risk in Online Payment

Many of the most popular short-term rental sites facilitate online payments when completing a booking, and there are dozens of ways for owners to accept online or mobile payments. Owners no longer have an excuse not to offer it. Most guests want to pay with a credit card, and it is fast, easy and convenient for all parties involved.

Make a Blueprint

Potential renters have thousands of properties to choose from, and pictures are essential for helping them pick one property over another. Owners should make sure photos are current and show all aspects of the property in a clear environment.

Short-term Rental

They need to charge sales and lodging taxes.The property owner is required to collect these taxes from the renter, and the owner is mandated by law to pay these taxes to state and local agencies.It is rapidly growing, and the market is extremely competitive.

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Russ Whitney-Go For Best Refinance Mortgage

Russ Whitney-Go-For-Best-Refinance-Mortgage

The streamline refinance may be everything you didn’t know you needed to improve your loan and your bank balance.The FHA Streamline Refinance is a special mortgage product, reserved for homeowners with existing FHA mortgages. They are the fastest, simplest way for FHA-insured homeowners to refinance their respective mortgages into today’s mortgage rates.

Lenient Approval Process

In a nutshell, a streamline refinance can lower your rate. It’s a simple process with little effort needed on the part of the borrower, and it applies to those who may not qualify for other refinancing programs because of poor credit score.A streamline refinance offers several advantages for homeowners who are looking to save on their mortgage.

Home Value

There is also no appraisal needed for a streamline refinance, so the value of your home today is essentially irrelevant as it relates to the approval. Even if you owe more than it’s worth, you can still qualify.It will allow you to use your original purchase price as your home’s current value.


While there are no approvals and appraisals, there are a few qualifications:

  • You have to be current with your loan payments.
  • You have to wait six months from the date of your home purchase
  • You can’t take cash out.
  • The streamline refinance must reduce your mortgage payment by at least 5 percent

Costs of the loan

Lenders want your business hence loan with streamlined processes are in high demand. They take lenders less time and manpower compared to other loan types.In such a way that lenders will often negotiate.

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Russ Whitney assists:Don’t Waste Money Over Home Renovations


Home redesign is a $500 billion a business. At the same time that does not mean all redesign is an effective one. So how would you know which ones bring home the return for money invested and which ones you ought not to squander your money?Russ Whitney suggest some of the tips for Home Renovations:

Mid-Range Bathroom Remodel-
The average cost is $16,634 with an average resale value of $10,668. The cost recoup is 64% where a high-end bathroom change fares even worse, with a $76,429 spend providing a 59.8% Return on investment.

Master Suite Addition-
The average price cost is $108,090 and the average resale value is $68,146, putting the cost recouped at 63%. Where it’s possible to create an attic bedroom instead, the Return on investment is considerably improved, at 77.2% to $55,696 spent on a mid range project.

Family Room Addition-
With a normal cost of $85,740, a family room addition usually pays back $53,624 for a 62% Return on investment. Straight those funds toward a deck addition, instead, and this attractive amenity will pay you back with an 80.05% Return on investment and will cost just $10,048 on a mid range project.

Bathroom Addition-
Looking to add a bathroom in its place of renovating one? This will cost $40,710 but just return 53%. Maybe you might want to reconsider that classy tub and shower, fancy vanity, and tricked-out toilet, and in its place do a couple of simple fixes painted cabinet, and new lighting and hardware.

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Russ Whitney:Life Success Stories


Russ Whitney shares some of his strategies and secrets of success.Having some home study course helped him to reach one’s own personal wealth and real estate investing by applying some of the principles so that he could discover prosperity.

His business achievements haven’t come without hardship and failure.He has perfected the process by using some of the strategies and discipline that made him one of America’s self made millionaire.

Whitney went through all the study courses and taught many people with many of his personal experience.There were three main principles of series in the manual:
1.To overcome financial obstacles.
2.Find investment properties related to cash.
3.Cash flow for life.

These tools helped Russ to share some ideas about real estate and gave many companies training for more than 60,000 pupil.He also gives some audio series and 10 set of CD’s so that you can learn the secret of business and start producing immediate results.

All you need to do is provide the will to lead a better and more fulfilled life.His depth study of real estate investing gives a step-by-step guide to create real estate riches.

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Russ Whitney Trainer/Mentor for life


Russ Whitney is an internationally recognized businessman, financial expert, and real estate image. He spent five years and 20,000 hours researching and writing his latest ground-breaking book, Inner Voice: Unlock Your Purpose and Passion, and developing the Inner Voice program.

He is also the bestselling author of Millionaire Real Estate Mentor and The Millionaire Real Estate Mindset. Inner Voice is a program for handling life’s problems and assists us in distinguishing between our will and that of the universe to ultimately transform our hopes and dreams into reality. Russ Whitney’s Inner Voice removes emotional blocks that have likely been holding us back since our childhood.

Whitney puts some new skills to reach people by developing through their skills in changing each one’s life.The principles found in Inner Voice led him to develop skill development for the purpose of advancement.His real estate investment started with a new venture.

Being a millionaire he did not waste money lavishly on buying luxurious things.Whitney used to invest on all small properties that could give him profit more in future with a positive cash flow.Having so much funds he did not withdraw cash for buying any expensive cars,elegant clothes and many more.

Some of the training program where one could learn some of Whitney’s tactics like:
1.Find the purpose and passion of life.
2.Apply the principles of Inner Voice in your daily life.
3.Live in the present-staying out of the past or worrying about the future.
4.Move from warrior to states-person.
5.Shed your old beliefs and find peace in new.
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